My Experience


  I have been critiquing and editing manuscripts for over 10 years now and love it more every day. When I don’t have a manuscript in hand I love to read, hike, play with my children, and learn.

Who I am


 I am a published author, with a list of WIPs too long to list. I write because I would go insane if I didn’t. Somewhere on the road to learning the craft and the thousands of hours spent honing skills, I realized I enjoy editing almost more than writing. So I set out on a quest to learn everything about it.



    I love fantasy, sci-fi, dystopians, paranormal, and anything with a voice I can fall in love with. 

    You can contact me at

My Skills


 I have an intense eye for detail, like noting the door closing twice in a scene when it never reopened (this happened in Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix) or realizing a character mentioned in passing shouldn’t be in the scene because he’s currently in jail (the person had twelve people go through it before it came to me and no one ever noticed).