What we can do for you!

Editing Services

 If you've written it, I can help make it better, whether it's to clean up the grammar/syntax, spice it up, or make sure that you and your writing are presented as professionally as possible.

I focus on specific genres to give you the best edits possible. These edits are generally completed within 3-4 weeks. During the entire process you will be informed of where I am and  when you can expect your edit finished.  


Substantial Editing

 Plot, pacing, character development, narrative arc,suggestions on tightening, moving parts around, beefing up characters or reducing/adding subplots and other "big picture" stuff. 

 This type of editing is for the author that has put their manuscript through the wringer with critique partners and/or self-editing and wants that competitive edge now that they are ready to submit to agents/publishers or to self-publish. It includes several pages of notes along with comments made throughout on how to give your manuscript the edge it needs. 

Copy Editing

 Making the sentences sparkle and have good rhythm to fit the story's needs. Correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, repetitive words/phrases, as well as fact checking and making sure characters eyes/hair/skin are the same color throughout the story, and other "small picture" stuff.

This type of editing is for the author that has just finished their MS and/or doesn't know where to begin with editing and shaping their novel to be the best that it can be, or for authors who want their work to be as polished as possible in today's competitive market.

The price for these services is based upon the manuscript and the work needed within. For a quote please send an email to with your word count, the first ten pages of your manuscript (Times New Roman, double spaced), and the type of editing you're looking for.