Testimonials: the adulation

Crystal Collier

 "I have worked with dozens of “editors”, critique partners and beta readers, and Rachel is by far the most effective and helpful. She has a strong sense of ALL aspects of a story, and is amazingly quick with her response times—especially with how meticulous she is. Her years of invested experience shine through as she covers everything—pacing, plot, characters, language, word choice, etc. Not only are her edits spot on, but she is incredibly encouraging. I have never experienced a more invested response for my writing and feel she wants me to succeed as writer almost as much as I do.

 Without reservation, I recommend Rachel to anyone looking for an editor." 

Tonja Drecker

"Thanks for doing this. I was really impressed with your work. I had another editor go over the first 20 several months ago (a supposedly well-known and qualified one), and was only frustrated with the results. You did a much better job. :) If Music Boxes ever hits the shelves, I'll make sure to mention your name often (Yep, dare to dream!) Oh, of course I'll mention it anyway because your work was good, but the other way would be cooler.
Despite all the CPs and Betas, there were several places where the writing just wasn’t strong enough (passive areas), and I wouldn’t have recognized them without you. Thanks to your comments at the end, I now know how to avoid these things in the future too.

Thanks again!"

Michelle Garcia

 "I liked that there were comments throughout as well as a more thorough compilation of notes at the end that dissected the book from the overall plot to the smallest detail—including point of view, consistency, pacing, characters, story issues, my most frequently used passive words, my over used words, description, chapter length, and storyline. Having a trained eye show me how my story will be seen and understood is one of the best reasons to get it professionally edited, and you had especially poignant notes and opinions on the way characters acted, spoke, and reacted to situations. It's going to be a lot of hard work rolling up my sleeves and diving back into the book to edit based on the comments and notes, but it's going to be ten times better when I'm done. I loved that the end notes included a reference I could look to to fix one of my consistent writing weaknesses, too. That's definitely going above and beyond." 

Sarah Ahiers

 "Your editing was great! I particularly liked how you helped me with my descriptions, which is something I always struggle with. I would recommend you to someone looking for editing services."